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Social media case studies from eBay, Krispy Kreme, H&M, and 15 more

These case studies (along with a bunch of career openings, new hires, and fantastic upcoming events) were featured in today’s edition of’s Big List. You can sign yourself up using our handy form on the right.

  • Cheez-It is engaging fans with a new promotion that lets them campaign and vote for their favorite flavor of cheese cracker on YouTube and Facebook. >> YouTube
  • eBay’s VP of Social Product, Don Bradford, Senior Director of Social, Jeannie Reeth, and Chief Blogger, Richard Brewer-Hay, share how they’re rebooting their social media program to improve users’ social shopping experiences. >> Mashable
  • In his BlogWell Atlanta presentation, Newell Rubbermaid’s VP of E-Business & Interactive Marketing, Bert DuMars, shared how they implemented and grew privately-branded communities. >> Vimeo
  • Krispy Kreme is setting out to tour the nation with their “Cruiser” 1960-vintage Starliner bus to mark their 75th anniversary. Fans can track the bus in real-time on Facebook and Twitter, and they’re encouraged to connect with the bus on Foursquare, Pinterest, and Instagram. >> Customer Insight Group
  • Todd Blecher, Communications Director at Boeing, discusses how their content marketing and brand journalism strategies are all about telling a story and not pitching a product. >> WebInkNow
  • KFC’s Rick Maynard shares their social media strategy, from handling negative comments and measuring ROI, to their current promotion on Facebook and Twitter. >> PROMO Magazine
  • ABC and the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences used social media applications, Twitter, original content, celebrity videos, and a central social hub to keep viewers engaged before, during, and after the Oscars. >> Entrepreneur
  • H&M is one of the most popular brands on Google+ to date due to their frequent photo postings, relevant fashion news, and “exclusive” fan treatment. >> Ragan
  • Dunkin’ Donuts has launched a “Like a Boss” application that lets fans create funny video resumes to share with friends on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. >> Smarter CPG Solutions
  • BtoB announced Corning, McGraw-Hill, and Intuit as their Social Media Marketing Award winners for their exceptional work in viral video, mobile, and corporate blogging, respectively. >> BtoB

Disclosure: eBay, Jeannie Reeth, Richard Brewer-Hay, Newell Rubbermaid, Bert DuMars, Todd Blecher, Boeing, Corning, and McGraw-Hill are members (and awesome ones at that!), but even if they weren’t, we’d write about them anyway.

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