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Social media case studies from GE, Dell, Walmart, and 15 more

These case studies (along with a bunch of career openings, new hires, and fantastic upcoming events) were featured in today’s edition of’s Big List. You can sign yourself up using our handy form on the right.

  • P&G’s Pepto-Bismol, Target, and Walgreens are using social media data to guide their marketing efforts. >> Digiday
  • GE’s Executive Director of Global Digital Marketing, Linda Boff, shares how they are embracing social media through a “stock and flow” approach on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Pinterest. >> BtoB
  • Pepsi Next is offering their Facebook fans an internet taste test via a personalized video from the Funny or Die improv crew. >> Facebook
  • Dell has updated their IdeaStorm community platform to include more staff involvement, social media integration, rewards for superstar contributors, and Storm Sessions — real-time dialogue between representatives and members about specific issues. >> Forbes
  • Walmart is teaming up with General Mills, ConAgra Foods, Kraft Foods, and The Kellogg Company to donate more than 42 million meals to food banks around the country. Shoppers can participate by entering product codes online, sharing a hashtag on Twitter, or scanning a QR code on participating foods to generate the meals. >> Walmart Community
  • McCormick has launched their new Pinterest page with a themed “My Look Book” feature and contest that encourages fans to create their own board of favorite recipes to share. >> The New York Times
  • MTV’s Voices hub — an international platform that highlights positive and inspirational social content — has added the new “I Care” button for viewers to show and share their support instead of using the traditional “like” button. >> Econsultancy
  • London-based department store Harrods is giving fans the chance to inspire a famous window display by designing their own store window idea on a Pinterest board. >> Luxury Daily
  • By launching their video on Sharethrough — a social video distribution platform — Puma reached more than 8,300 total social engagements and over one million views. >> MediaPost
  • NBC Philadelphia is premiering a new show called “Life Around Home” that will choose its subject matter based on posts to its Facebook and other social media pages. >> All Facebook

Disclosure: P&G, Target, Walgreens, GE, Dell, Walmart, General Mills, ConAgra Foods, Kraft Foods, and The Kellogg Company are members (and awesome ones at that!), but even if they weren’t, we’d write about them anyway.

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