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Social media case studies from Kotex, Walgreens, Dos Equis, and 12 more

These case studies (along with a bunch of career openings, new hires, and fantastic upcoming events) were featured in today’s edition of’s Big List. You can sign yourself up using our handy form on the right.

  • Intel’s new “What About Me?” application transforms fans’ Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube profiles into infographics to share online. >> Technically Personal
  • Kraft Foods, Mars Chocolate’s M&M’s, Spam, Captain Morgan, and more are giving their mascots a voice on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Pandora. >> Ad Age
  • Kotex got people talking on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram when they sent personalized gifts to random fans based on their Pinterest interests. >> Simply Zesty
  • Fendi is releasing a new video each day to their Facebook fans with behind-the-scenes footage of hair, makeup, models, and clothing from their runway shows. >> Luxury Daily
  • Domino’s Australia is encouraging their nearly 500,000 Facebook fans to vote for their favorite ingredients and build a custom-made pizza to be added to the menu. >> Social Commerce Today
  • Every Friday in March, Kit Kat is transforming their Facebook fans’ photos into fun charicatures for their Break Time Friday month-long event. >> Creativity Online
  • Walgreens has added an “Answers” tab on their Facebook page to provide customer service regarding prescriptions and health queries. >> Internet Retailer
  • Still wondering how to take advantage of Google+? Check out what Ford, Cadbury, and Intel are doing to get so many people talking. >> Econsultancy
  • Dos Equis is running their own March Madness Tournament with a Facebook contest that matches up 64 of the wittiest “Most Interesting Man” fan-submitted lines against one another. >> MediaPost
  • Conde Nast’s SELF Magazine has launched a virtual Facebook game that mimics their real-life “Workout in the Park” exercise program. >>

Disclosure: Intel, Kraft Foods, and Walgreens are members (and awesome ones at that!), but even if they weren’t, we’d write about them anyway.

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