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Social media case studies from Samsung, H&R Block, Ray-Ban, and 11 more

These case studies (along with a bunch of career openings, new hires, and fantastic upcoming events) were featured in today’s edition of’s Big List. You can sign yourself up using our handy form on the right.

  • Samsung’s new Olympic Genome Project application lets fans connect with past and current Olympic athletes on Facebook based on common friends, interests, and personal information. >> AdWeek
  • UPS’ Manager of Corporate Public Relations, Debbie Curtis-Magley, discusses how they are using social media to reach and connect with small businesses. >> Listen Interactive
  • Hearst Magazines has launched a new fashion-focused YouTube channel called Hello Style that includes top features from their major magazines. >> Independent Fashion Bloggers
  • H&R Block is using Twitter to build their reputation and provide excellent customer service. >> Econsultancy
  • Parasole Restaurant Holdings Vice President Randy Stanley shares how they are using online mentions and customer feedback to motivate and engage employees. >>
  • In honor of their 75th Anniversary, Kraft Foods’ Macaroni & Cheese gave their two new spokeswomen (dubbed the “Old Birds” at ages 86 and 87 years old) control of their YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook pages for the day. >> The Five
  • Seth Farbman, Gap’s Global CMO, shares their insights on digital marketing, including their external and internal social strategies. >> Ad Age
  • Nissan India has launched their New Star of India short film online that features 20 young fans that were selected from their Facebook competition. >> Popsop
  • Ray-Ban has created an application that pulls in your Facebook posts and check-ins to create a custom film to share with friends. >> Creativity Online
  • Target, Vogue, and more are leading the way in demonstrating how brands can build buzz on Tumblr. >>

Disclosure: UPS, Debbie Curtis-Magley, H&R Block, Kraft Foods, and Target are members (and awesome ones at that!), but even if they weren’t, we’d write about them anyway.

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