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Case study: How Yahoo! is evolving their social media strategy

Our BlogWell series is where members of share case studies on their social media initiatives. These presentations are always candid, insightful looks behind the scenes of the biggest social media programs on earth.

Our next BlogWell is coming up in Chicago on July 18, and we hope you can join us. We’re featuring 8 great case studies from MillerCoors, FedEx, U.S. Cellular, 3M, Kraft Foods, American Family Insurance, Reebok, and Aetna.

The conference is one quick afternoon, and it’s all about how big brands use social media. No agencies, no startups — just big companies sharing what they’ve learned.

As a preview, check out the case study Yahoo!’s Robin Zucker shared at our most recent BlogWell in San Francisco. In it, Robin talks about their summer movie program on Facebook that grew their fan base to over 30 million.

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