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Dassault Systèmes: #IFWE — Live from BlogWell

Coverage of this session by Doug Haslam of Voce Communications/PorterNovelli’s PN Connect group. Connect with him by following him on Twitter and checking out his blog.

3:50 —’s Lauren Clevenger introduces Dassault Systèmes’ Social Communications Senior Manager, Aurélien Blaha.

3:51 — Aurélien: A big chunk of our audiences today are under 30-years old. “We have to market WITH them, not TO them (quote from Ekaterina Walter).”

3:52 — Aurélien asks how many in the audience have heard of Dassault Systèmes? (Very few raised hands). This, despite Dassault being a market leader.

3:53 — Aurélien: Dassault’s new slogan: “If we ask the right questions, we can change the world.” “If We” is branded throughout the company, and with advertising and media. What about social? Pushing the advertising materials over social channels would be too pushy.

3:55 — Aurélien says pushing the advertising materials over social channels would be too pushy. The answer for social: Turn the campaign into a movement — mobilize the community to define their “If We” questions.

3:57 — Aurélien: We fed multiple channels into a single channel. Results: Gained 65k Facebook Likes, 150k web site page views, more that 550 contributions from the audience, and Facebook engagement rate grew despite audience growth.

3:59 — Aurélien says they got positive feedback from the community, but more importantly, people appropriated the language in their own conversations about themselves (not just the brand).

4:00 — Aurélien: Winners: a rolling tree-planting robot, a robotic device for people with Parkinson’s, among others.

4:01 — Aurélien says they used winning submissions to illustrate Facebook cover photos to further reward community participation.

4:02 — Aurélien: It’s about opening your brand to the community — so many brands are afraid to let go.  When you trust the community, you will be amazed with what they come up with.


Q: What was the link for the call to action?

A: Aurélien: We had a widget embedded on the website, from which you could submit an entry. It also linked to a Facebook app, and collected Tweets with our hashtag.

Q: Did you have a target demographic?

A: Aurélien: We targeted Millennials, while our advertising was aimed at C-Level executives.

Q: How did you adjust your messages from C-suite to Millennials?

A: Aurélien: The only difference was the bi-directional communications, rather than just pushing our content, though we did use advertising materials for inspiration.

Q: As for the winners, did you use their inventions or ideas, and were they compensated?

A: Aurélien: We are in the software business, so we did not build ideas, but we did want to help people generate ideas — the community kept ownership of the ideas, but let Dassault feature them in their content.

Q: Was one platform more successful than others?

A: Aurélien: In 2012, our web site was first, followed by Facebook. This year, Twitter is gaining, because it is easier to share via tweets.

Q: Any other changes for 2013 after the 2012 campaign (lessons learned)?

A: Aurélien: This year, we have more contributions, but needed to increase the ability to display more of them on our site or widget at once.

Q: After growing Facebook by 65k Likes, What are you doing to keep the new community members engaged?

A: Aurélien: We have a large pool of user-generated content we can tap at any time to start new conversations and keep them going.

Q: What are the legal considerations around using user-generated content?

A: Aurélien: We are clear that contributors keep their IP for their ideas; we only use them for the communications. A challenge was that some countries would not allow collection of prizes, so they would need to be removed from judging.

Q: Who did the judging?

A: Aurélien: In 2012, the jury was half internal, half external; in 2013, we had an all-external jury, including three winners from last year. We do not include community voting, as it was unreliable.

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