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Data-driven decisions for the visual social web — Live from the Measurement Pre-Conference

Coverage of this session by Bridgette Cude of Connect with her by following her on Twitter.

2:50 —’s Kurt Vanderah introduces Scripps Networks Interactive’s Director of Mobile and Social, Chad Parizman.

2:51 — Chad says “Yes, ‘The Property Brothers’ are just as charming in real life.” He also admits, “Yes, I’m a data detective type.”

2:52 — We’re going back to 2011, to what Pinterest looked like in its first iteration. The amount of traffic it sent to our site was incredibly small.

2:53 — Someone brought it up in their meeting because they had heard teenagers talking about it. But the amount of Pinterest traffic to HGTV was doubling every month. For the entire year, it’s driving somewhere around 2.5 million page views.

2:54 — Chad shares a quote, “The way to get started is to quit talking and to start doing.” – Walt Disney

2:55 — So we put together 4 strategy goals: We know it’s driving page views, let’s figure out how to get more of it. In 2011, you could issue a press release that you were on Pinterest and people were like, “Woah!”

2:56 — We needed to figure out how much to lean in, when to lean back, and how to measure it.

2:57 — In Q4 of 2012 alone, they were generating more page views per month than Pinterest sent them in all of 2011.

2:58 — These are some hands on things for you to go back to your “Dilbert” guy and ask for a login to your social measurement software again.

2:59 — We’re actually getting new eyeballs, younger eyeballs. But how do we continue to retain these people. Pinterest is actually driving twice as many page views as Facebook. “Pinterest is not just a part time job, there’s real revenue and real eyeballs here.”

3:00 — Pinterest customers are our customers. Educated women, young and old, they ten to live in rural areas. Popular memes: Football widows.

3:01 — Adobe has these segmentation drop downs. If you’re not using these, you need to be. These will show you spikes in your reach, it can help you discover patterns and when your audience is engaging.

3:02 — Top pages visited from Pinterest versus their general top site pages. Our blog is the number one page folks are going to from Pinterest. We’re getting them to high value areas — not just sweepstakes. They’re turning 10-18 pages, which means 10-18 ads. How can we continue to engage them?

3:03 — Only about 20% of Pinterest traffic is coming from stuff we’re originally putting out there. All of our original Pinterest content we manually tag. This helps us break out the traffic.

Where are all of these other people coming from? 2.8 million total interactions — only 200,000 was from HGTV content they put out there. The rest are from content someone pins themselves. This is viral content. Owned vs. Organic.

3:04 — As you look at individual boards sorted by number of followers, you can see that although we haven’t pinned anything new, there are till 500 repins. There’s a huge longtail on Pinterest.

3:05 — Halloween on Pinterest starts in May, and Christmas starts in August. The seasonal-based content is what we see repinned the most. Content on Pinterest has an incredibly long lifespan.

3:06 — This is how to make a.. (Chad struggles, audience helps him out “tree skirt.” Everyone laughs.) It got tons of repins.

3:07 — There’s some great data from Statigram which is free, so everyone should be using this. 80% of our Instagram followers are from the content we put out there ourselves. So you have to put a lot more engagement out there than on Pinterest.

3:08 — Statigram can help them see when people are engaging with their Instagram accounts. For example, the halo effect on Thursdays (#TBT, throw back Thursdays).

3:09 — Our most liked Instagram photos: babies, room decor porn, contests, showing talent, like Property Brothers

3:10 — Highlights: Take it seriously and track your pins, fill your page, make sure you don’t launch a board without enough content to fill it, treat it like an appetizer so they’ll want to click through to your website

Q & A:

Q: I don’t have “room porn” to throw out there. Have you seen any BtoB or tech companies doing this well in Pinterest? (Specifically supply chain and procurement management, Ariba)

A: Chad: You need to look at platforms. Is there a particular hashtag used in your industry? Is there a particular hub you need people to know about? Showcase the town you’re in, your employees, find existing clients and show off their offices. BtoB, not as visual companies are hard to showcase visual content. But experiement and see if you can get some conversation going on. If you want to pander: Cats of employees, or if you decorate around the audience.

Q: What are your thoughts on rich pins and paid pins?

A: Chad: We have to establish enough of a brand presence that if someone triess to beat us in number of followers, we’re still going to have better content that them.

Q: What are your thoughts on mobile? How is Pinterest shaping business investment?

A: Chad: Up to about six months ago I worked on mobile for Scripps Networks, I could talk about it for another 20 minutes. I think mobile is a great time spender a lot of our focus will be on mobile. In terms of visual social web, images on mobile web are hard to monetize.

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