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Grainger: B2B Social Case Study — Live from BlogWell

Unfortunately the live transcript of this presentation isn’t available, but thanks to the amazing audience at BlogWell, much of the great content of this presentation was shared via Twitter. We’ve compiled most of them below.’s Weston Woodward introduces Grainger’s Social Business Leader, Sherri Maxson.

@iMediaMichele: @smaxson taking the #BlogWell stage to show us the social side of B2B.

@susanbeebe: Fabulous B2B social media strategic wisdom from Grangier’s Sherri Maxson @ #BlogWell

@joplinquinn: @Grainger says that the social media business is intended to create customers that create customers. #BlogWell

@thewordpainter: Two most popular social topics: Content Marketing and Engagement. @smaxson - Needed: one-to-one mktg = KPIs #BlogWell

@iMediaMichele: Solid reminder by @smaxson that the route to social customer engagement doesn’t always start w/ products, rather shared interests. #BlogWell

@GenAtInfor: 41% of customers use @YouTube for Product Demonstrations. Know where your Customers are… @smaxson @Grainger #BlogWell

@bsniz: How @Grainger measures business impact of #b2bsocial from #BlogWell:

@iMediaMichele: Cool to see B2B brands not afraid to have fun w/ their customers. @Grainger posts MysteryProduct Monday as educational teaser on Facebook. #BlogWell

@LListanski: Social Business Maturity Steps: planning > presence > engagement  > formalized > strategic converged.  #BlogWell

@Lewis502: @smaxson Indirect insight: Align your tactics with your program’s social maturity. #BlogWell #Grainger

@dubelclique: 60% of buying decision is made before the customer ‘meets’ us. @smaxson #BlogWell

@iMediaMichele: Wow, 60% of b2b decision-making happens b4 ur customers meet you, 80% future customers engage in social via @smaxson #BlogWell.

@bsniz: @Grainger knows where #B2B purchasers are in social. #BlogWell #b2bsocial

@lisamarielukas: Making your customer the hero is just as important in B2B as in B2C says @Grainger. #BlogWell

@Lewis502: Know your audience, Where, Who, What. Then Listen, Engage, and Act. #BlogWell @smaxson of #Grainger.

@dubelclique: Customers: “Know me, know my business, know how to make me look like a hero.” @smaxson #BlogWell

@iMediaMichele: Luv the emphasis on strategic listening by @Grainger – keeps ur brand smart + humble #BlogWell.

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