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Green Mountain Coffee Roasters: Socially Devoted To You — Live from BlogWell

Coverage of this session by digital marketing strategist Cindy Meltzer. Connect with her by following her on Twitter and checking out her blog, The Social Craft.

4:30 —’s Erin McDaniel introduces Green Mountain Coffee Roasters’ Social Media Manager at Keurig, Crystal King.

4:32 — Crystal asks the crowd who has a Keurig at home. She offers one to the first five people in the room to tweet “I love @Keurig!”

4:33 — Crystal says Green Mountain Coffee Roasters is a portfolio of brands. Keurig and Green Mountain Coffee are the largest. They have a dozen other brands and many partners as well.

4:35 — Crystal: We call our social media program “Brew the Love.” We spend a lot of time building that love. Lots of UGC around the brand: photos, memes, tweets. It’s not just an appliance on your counter. It’s a story.

4:36 — Crystal: Why are we socially devoted? What we give, we get back from our fans. Extending the feel-good experience builds customer loyalty. Reputation management begins before things go wrong.

4:38 — Crystal says you can’t beat word of mouth because of the cost savings and sales tied to social. She says their couponing app also drives sales.

4:39 — Crystal says a lot goes into their social media moderation. We look for people with specific social media expertise — those who know how to write, “massage the message”. They use software tools like Spredfast to manage streams. FAQs help manage disasters before things go wrong.

4:40 — Crystal: Apologize right away when things go wrong. Be transparent. She shares an example of Twitter contest gone wrong when prizes weren’t awarded properly. They handled it swiftly and honestly.

4:42 — Crystal: Respond to the good and the bad. Strive to change unhappy customers to happy customers. Sometimes customers on social media are very angry. We escalate those to a special customer service team to call customers directly. Customers often come back to tell people that we fixed it.

4:44 — Crystal says they have five million followers across all brand channels. We respond to 15% of 75K monthly inbound messages. It doesn’t sound like a lot, but it is.

4:45 — Crystal: We look for opportunities to extend people’s excitement through surprise and delight, because we know they will share it with friends.

4:46 — Crystal says they save money and cut costs through social customer service, because calls are diverted from call center, which costs on average $1/minute.

4:48 — Crystal: Brewing the love: Television ad campaign in target markets to give away Keurig brewers. Crystal says they gave away 5,000 brewers in each market in one day. In neighborhoods, everyone had a brewer on their doorstep. The ultimate surprise and delight campaign. We did this for the exponential word of mouth potential. When people see it and have it, we know we’ve got them hooked. 1,000 posts, 3M impressions in 2 days.

4:50 — Crystal says they’re the most loved coffee brand on social. 91% of conversations about Keurig are positive. They have an 89% response rate that they’re always looking to improve.

4:51 — Crystal: We’re always looking to make people in our communities feel that they are heard and that they have a voice.

Q & A

Q: — Do you use listening tools? Which ones?

A: — Crystal: All tools are good in different ways. We use a variety of tools for listening.

Q: — Do you leverage private messaging for customer service on social media specifically Facebook and Twitter?

A: — Crystal: Facebook is difficult because we can’t reach out directly to customers. We have to wait for them to contact us. We ask customers to please DM us. People are generally responsive because they are looking for help. People come to Twitter and Facebook for help rather than other channels.

Q: — Do you have a budget to manage social customer service?

A: — Crystal: We have a lot of room to make those decisions. Different levels of escalation. We escalate to a special social media customer service team. My team is empowered to use coupon codes to surprise and delight and reward. No specific budget set aside — just coordination/education.

Q: — It’s hard to justify giving away a high-ticket item. How did you justify the cost for the Brew to Love campaign?

A: — Crystal: We are the razor blade model. We know if you have the machine, you will buy the coffee. We change the way people brew — if you experience it, you will purchase. We know the value of the long term customer, which outweighs the cost of the campaign.

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