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How to integrate social media with marketing, advertising, and digital — Live from the Brands-Only Summit

Coverage of this session by Evan Perkins of Connect with him by following him on Twitter.

11:15 —’s Lauren Clevenger introduces Best Buy’s Digital Marketing Director of Social Media & Mobile, Jamie Plesser.

11:18 — Jamie starts by asking, “What should you do when you get asked to ‘make a campaign social?’ Does this question even make any sense? The intent behind the question is very good, actually.”

11:18 — Jamie says he will share five observations on areas to explore when you get asked how social can play the bigger role.

11:20 — Jamie: Number One: Change the mentality. Strive for the campaign concept with collaboration on the creative briefing process and on the budget.

11:22 — Jamie: Number Two: Think about the strategic intent. Consider the idea of Amplifier vs. Driver. Synchronization (e.g. everything looks similar) vs. Orchestration (e.g. working different content on different channels).

11:24 — Number Three: Think about a portfolio approach. You need to view your social channels as a network. Define the role and intent of the canals, and clarify how and when they work together. These punts and the campaign concept help to prioritize resources, timing, and the implementation plan.

11:26 — Jamie: Number Four: Social media does not equal free media! You need a holistic plan that includes paid media. There is very limited reach on Facebook without paid media. Three hours if the half-life of a Tweet. There are 100 hours of video uploaded on YouTube every hour. Key lesson: You have to have paid media on your channels if you want to reach your consumers.

11:30 — Jamie: Number Five: Bringing the plan to life. How do you do it? Work with legal, customer service, IT and security, measurement and analytics, and executive sponsors. These people will help you bring your plan to life. You need to establish relationships and partnerships with key people in these departments. Think about how you can build and develop the rapport.

11:33 — Jamie ends by saying, “We need to get real about the real, real-time marketing.”

Q & A:

Q: How do you marry your print ads with social? Any tips for drawing engagement on the social side?

A: We haven’t done much in the way of driving engagement in the social channels. We try to seek out collaboration across teams from a digital advertising perspective. Leveraging social content into email communication streams, bring social marketing experiences into the environments that are traditionally transactionally-oriented.

Q: How do you sell paid activation internally?

A: There needs to be, with the media team and agencies handling the buying, an understanding of metrics, what’s common, what’s different, etc. This will help to initially bridge the gap.

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