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How to manage your social media content strategy — Live from the Brands-Only Summit

Coverage of this session by Travis Kenney of Connect with him by following him on Twitter.

9:35 —’s Erin McDaniel introduces General Mills’ Corporate Social Media Manager, Kevin Hunt.

9:37 — Kevin begins his presentation with steps to sourcing great content: Establish goals, sell your content program internally, have a weekly social team editorial meeting, have a monthly global editorial meeting, and a daily social team/department huddle

9:39 — Kevin: Identify employees who can help. Provide blog post guidelines and conduct blog writing workshops, assigning stories, or consider an internal community.

9:42 — Kevin says to look to the marketplace: Ask the audience, what is customer service hearing, what is the sales team hearing? He says to establish a blogger/influencer network and work with partners and customers.

9:44 — Kevin: Evaluate how and when your audience engages.

9:46 — Do you have the time/resources to launch and maintain a blog? Here is an example from General Mills. Who are your contributors?

9:48 — If you can’t get a blog post out in a few minutes, you might have a problem. Think through your approval process and establish trust. Kevin shares another example.

9:50 — Kevin: Identify places to showcase your content. What types of stories do you want to share? What are people engaging with? What’s working? Not working?

9:51 — Develop your content calendar and consider a shared calendar. Consider ideas that take your audience behind the scenes. Start with an editorial calendar. Determine the best contacts and writers.

9:53 — Kevin says to make adjustments to your program (what is most/least popular?) Search for the why. Track search terms. What are your sources of referral traffic? Monitor desktop/mobile traffic/usage?

9:54 — Kevin says to be open to trying something new, such as live events with influencers, and be open to ending something (give it time though).

9:55 — Kevin: Promote and demonstrate your company. The engagement habits of your audience will change.  And most importantly, BE INTERESTING!

Q & A:

Q: How do you balance content between multiple brands?

A: Kevin is a one-person operation. He holds meetings every couple of weeks with a team to ensure balance is achieved.

Q: can you talk more about the curated site?

A: Kevin: We weren’t getting a ton of traffic to our corporate page. And looking at The Coca-Cola Company as an example, their site drives traffic to the blog. We decided to highlight what the General Mills brands are doing.

Q: How do you balance a blog calendar while staying nimble?

A: Kevin: We try to plan out as much as we can, but we’re pretty flexible. We look for opportunities when we can.

Q: Do you have a digital asset management (DAM) tool?

A: Kevin: No. Most of our content lives on my computer.

Q: What do you find is the best way to drive traffic?

A: Kevin: Using Twitter to share links, getting traffic from LinkedIn, determining which keywords you are going to use. For example, we put keywords in headline.

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