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HSN: Omni-Channel Integration Disrupts the Traditional Path to Purchase — Live from BlogWell

Coverage of this session by A.J. Bellarosa of Bluewolf. Connect with him by following him on Twitter.

4:30 —’s Kurt Vanderah introduces HSN’s OVP of Emerging Media Marketing, Maggie Hatfield.

4:34 — Maggie stresses the point that HSN’s customer wants a seamless experience across all social channels. But the way they behave and who they attract varies by channel.

4:35 — Maggie shares how HSN uses Twitter to converse with partners and real-time updates. Pinterest is aspirational. Instagram is used for behind the scenes on set. HSN is also leveraging Google hangouts on Google+.

4:37 — Maggie says 66% of total revenue generated is done so with more than one step.

4:38 — Maggie: HSN implemented a test and learn approach for Beauty Report. Social TV, Live Tweeting, and a partnership with Mass Relevance in order to spur conversation and fuel repeat viewership.

4:41 — Maggie explains how they also incentivized people to come back week after week through sweepstakes and live chats.

4:42 — Maggie shares three metrics HSN has leveraged:

  1. Tweets per minute
  2. Hashtag mentions
  3. Impressions

4:43 — Maggie: Impressions have grown 320 times in four months. Social TV spurned five times the growth in calls-to-action. Hashtag mentions for Beauty Report grew 7.5 times.

4:44 — Maggie shares a 21% growth in the HSN Twitter community.

Q & A:

Q:  How much time do you spend looking at what your competition is doing in social media?

A: Maggie: We monitor what our competitors are doing, but we don’t obsess about it. Social actions per post is what we look at in order to evaluate what is working and what is not. Success is gauged by comparing social actions per post against pre-determined benchmarks.

Q: Do you use data to structure your shows on air?

A: Maggie: We use data and topic trends to shape the show for the next week. We try to get partners involved and engaged with us during our shows and it helps tremendously.

Q: How are you achieving success through your omni-channel strategy?

A: Maggie: We’ve managed to create content that is consistent and drives engagement across multiple channels. Our strategy varies by channel. We know what works on Facebook, and we are focusing in on Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.

Q: What about the before/after show effect with respect to keeping engagement going?

A: Maggie: We have a before, during and after approach. Before: call to action, reminders. During: leveraging partners and their audiences. After: there is only a seven day window but it usually dies down.

Q: What is your advice for brands in the omni-channel space?

A: They have an opportunity to leverage HSN expertise. We educate our partners across all social channels on best practices. We create stories with our partners.

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