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Life Technologies: BtoB Social Media — Live from BlogWell

Coverage of this session by Marla Schulman of Dvin/Ideas. Connect with her by following her on Twitter.

4:30 —’s Erin McDaniel introduces Life Technologies’ Global Senior eMarketing Manager – Search & Social, Robin Smith.

4:31 — You can follow Life Technologies on Twitter @LifeCorporation.

4:32 — Robin: Who are we?  This is a CSI (Crime Scene Investigation) lab. We sell things that feed, fuel, and heal.

Life Corporation works with climate initiatives that keep crops growing, animals from going extinct, finding new sources for biofuels, and working with infectious diseases with the CDC (Center for Disease Control) to help fight new strains of diseases.

4:34 — Robin talks about their social media: We are a Global company with 75 social accounts and 400K social followers.

4:35 — Robin: How we started our social media program? We began in 2010.

4:36 — Robin: In 2011-2012 we implemented the tools and aligned resources to build our team and enable those people to do their job.  Currently we have a  staff of 35 people contributing to our networks and our content channels from all departments of the company from marketing to customer service.

4:38 — As we finish 2012 our Enablement phase, we will continue (as it changes as time passes). Then in 2013, we are planning our Enlightenment phase by building thought leaders from within the company and having them interact with the customers on the social channels since customers prefer to have conversations with those leaders.  What this means is we have to train our people how to engage. We’ve found that our audience prefers that kind of one-on-one relationship and is more likely to reach out and ask questions.

4:40 — Robin: Also in the Enlightment phase we plan to use more social data. For example:

Communication leads to > lead and demand generation, which drives customers to > Customer service > Retention and Market research which provide > insights and data > which ultimately means that social media lowers our operating costs.

4:42 — Robin shares their KPI framework:

  • Communication
  • Lead generation
  • Demand generation
  • Customer service and retention
  • Market Research
  • Influencer and advocacy

4:45 — SOV Term “Life Technologies”

4:46 — Robin: We watch our share of voice, and look at spikes in views. For example, when announcing a new product, the challenge is to sustain a shared voice between product launches.

How? By doing events and using entertaining content, like weekly caption contests, LAB games (people send in funny photos of playing in a lab), and creating PH Diddy and PH Diva characters, which has been very successful and get great engagement.

4:48 — Robin shares how they use social for lead generation:

Change mundane and basic tasks by inciting PASSION for what our customers are into

  • Event Registration
  • Webinar Registration
  • Asset Delivery: infographics, videos, white papers, case studies, and handbooks (ebooks) build relationships by giving away content
  • Make it fun, with caption contests and sweepstakes that are connected to audience PASSIONS
  • Driving targeting lead generation (Passion)
  • 4:50 — For example, there was a Sequestration issue the Life Corporation helped support their community – which was something of value for them and the  company.

    4:51 — We re-purposed content by using old posters to make an infographic — and had over 1,000 inquiries. It was such a simple thing to do.

    4:52 — The full experience: physical to digital

    We used Social Media to exclusively launch a new product – we tapped into our social customer for free market research, used polls to identify the user-interface preferences, and even crowd sourced the name. Then we provided demos for social media audiences/customers clients only.  We found it to be successful.

    4:53 — Robin talks about their social data integration:

    • We use third party social connection to go to our site, apps, sweeps and other owned content.
    • LinkedIn is a great source for enhancing and updating profile data of customer.
    • We use automated marketing software that maps and cleans our social contact data, especially because people tend to use “phony” or less used email addresses.
    • We use profile info from likes and interests to inform us how to make our media buys.
    • Whether you use marketing automation or do it manually you can spin up campaigns segmented specifically just of some of customers’ third party connections to identify your social customer.
    • Use one-to-one or one-to-few marketing, connect on a personal level, increase advocacy (don’t be creepy by sending DM to deepen relationship).

    Q &A

    Q: How was your PH Diddy and PH Diva campaign received?

    A: Robin: It was our most engaged asset this year, and it didn’t get a lot of negative sentiment. However, we didn’t use it efficiently to collect data, so we found out early that when you take something people are passionate about, use it for lead generation. We didn’t and it was a learning experience

    Q: Regarding single sign-on for capture leads: how do you refine quality over quantity?

    A: Robin: It is challenging to do it manually, but we suggest that you put together a campaign with trigger emails with an offering or a download and slowly bring them back and weed through. Automation will clean out duplications and make hottest progressively profiles rise to the top of the list.

    Q: How do you engage your Product Management team?

    A: Robin: They feel they’ll get negative comments/sentiments and are afraid. But we show them it benefits the whole company to do it and it is a slow process. About  20% of Product Managers have bought into social, so we try to create advocates within PMs to convince their peers.

    Q: How to get your share of voice numbers?

    A: Robin: Adobe Analytics, Social Mention (an app), and correlate that with web to make sure same spikes and mentions with increased mentions to the site.

    Q: I saw that you used Pandora/Blog Talk Radio. What do you do with them?

    A: Robin: Blog Talk Radio: We interviewed opinion leaders at events and thought leaders from within the company, and put them up randomly on Blog Talk Radio and tweet out. Pandora: We created our own mix that we branded.

    Q: Can you talk more about how you use LinkedIn profiles?

    A: Robin: LinkedIn is a lot different from other networks, we use eGrabber (an app), to get profile data from LI, with a search engine that indexes the entire web to augment our database.

    Q: What is your internal structure and process?

    A: Robin: We have about 40 people and have multiple contract contributors to build user briefs or page briefs.

    • Some have and some don’t have publishing rights
    • Some have full publishing rights
    • Since our Facebook pages are global, we use regional reps to compose
    • We have project managers to review analytics and marketing  managers to guide messaging. The R & D people have been trained to published as well.
    • We want customers to feel like they’re getting full access to all of our team
    • Corporate Communications: some have full access.  Since they are journalists by nature some are specific to a vantage or vantage points they see.
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