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McDonald’s: Creating Timely & Engaging Social Content — Live from BlogWell

Coverage of this session by AJ Bellarosa of DigitalFlashNYC. Connect with him by following him on Twitter.

1:30 —’s Kurt Vanderah introduces McDonald’s Director of Digital & Social Media, Sosti Ropaitis.

1:31 — Creating Timely & Engaging Social Content presentation from @SostiR of @McDonaldsCorp

1:34 — Sosti is explaining how dynamic content drives McDonald’s social media strategy.

1:36 — Content that drives the brand around the world. In Hong Kong, McDonald’s offers wedding packages in some of their locations.  This drives a significant amount of social engagement.

1:37 — Sosti gives some examples of content that works in India with the Maharaja Burger. In addition, Sosti discusses how noodles were used in Austria locations.

1:38 — McDonald’s uses monitoring very effectively.  1. Respond to rumors and issues management.

1:40 — Mayor McCheese’s passport photos during the Olympic Games, at the opening ceremonies. Attach the element of being a brand at the games and a defined structure for messaging on Twitter and Pinterest.

1:41 — Timeliness:  Be organic, agile and relevant in the way we create social video content.

1:42 — The challenge: content that transcends geographies and cultures and celebrates the spirit of the Olympics and the McDonald’s brand.

1:43 — McDonald’s used YouTube to create five stories for people to follow “Best of Our Best London 2012,” which highlighted elements of the Olympic spirit.

1:45 — Video production timeline: Concept, pre-production, production, and post production.

1:46 — The Story elements: Interesting visuals, music, and casting real employees from around the world.

1:46 — Five YouTube vignettes were approved in two and a half weeks.

1:48 — Sosti shares an example of one of the videos from the Olympic Games.

1:49 — Partnering with the legal team was crucial to success: Images rights and  music rights could have caused issues, among others.

1:50 — The social content that McDonald’s created for the Olympics was a grassroots effort.  No media buy was involved.

1:51 — Stick to the script:  Define a process and educate everyone on the team!

1:53 — Check out one of the YouTube videos that McDonald’s produced for the Olympics:

Q&A: Lets get started!!

Q: How did you use LinkedIn for this campaign?

A: Sosti: There was not a LinkedIn component to the Olympics campaign.

Q: Did you get blanket approval for using Olympic content?

A: Sosti: Everything used in the Campaign had to be approved separately.

Q: Did you have any specific metrics for sponsorship or the brand?

A : Sosti: Two things: create unique real time content, and make sure that content can be used all around the world in McDonalds markets. The challenge is that one piece of content doesn’t necessarily apply because their markets are decentralized.

Thank you to @SostiR and @McDonaldsCorp for sharing some very practical strategy and tactics surrounding their “Best of Our Best London 2012″ Olympics campaign!

Note: Engagement is a function of content, context and timeliness! @McDonaldsCorp

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