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Mitch Joel: “CTRL ALT Delete” — Live from the Brands-Only Summit

Coverage of this session by Don Vanderslice of Connect with him by following him on Twitter.

1:30 —’s Cale Johnson introduces Mitch Joel, President of Twist Image and author of CTRL ALT Delete: Reboot Your Business. Reboot Your Life. Your Future Depends On It.

1:31 — Mitch explains Purgatory: The place where executives are comfortable with the old stuff even though there’s no proof it still works but scared of the new stuff because there’s no “proof.”

1:32 — It’s not hell because most of us are aware that this change is more than a fad. We’re on the right side of history.

1:34 — Mitch shares some big trends:  1) Sex with data

1:35 — Sex with data is not big data. 99% of marketers who are talking about big data have no idea what they’re talking about. Big data is taking these new forms of data and creating new forms of information.

1:36 — Mitch: Linear data is every traditional form of data you can think of: from email, to billboard, to direct mail marketing. But what’s happened over the last five years is circular data — it’s social data. Data your customers are putting up online. Consumers are radically uploading to the internet data that was previously inaccessible.

1:37 — Mitch: Before we were just playing around with data. Now we are taking ALL of the data available and figuring out how to use it. Brands have access to all sorts of data beyond the basics.

Unfortunately we have sucked at communicating the chasm between privacy and customization. The more value I add to your experience the greater the value. As good marketers, that’s what we should always be about. Think Amazon’s Price Check app.

1:39 — Mitch: Amazon knows a ton about you. By knowing this much and having sex with the data they can create the best possible experience for you.

1:41 — Another example of this is Fab. You join Fab and they begin following you and Fab begins to put in front of you the things you want (because they know what you want) at the time you’re most open to it.

1:42 — 2) Utility (or death) — Today, brands have to create value.

1:44 — Mitch: If you can’t add value and utility to the end consumer, they won’t listen to you.

1:46 — Mitch says it’s not about pimping ads and coupons but adding value.

1:47 — Digital is physical and physical is digital.

1:48 — 3) Marketing is not advertising. Advertising is a subset of marketing. We came from a world in which advertising was the only way we can get marketing messages out to people. In the new world this has all changed! Don’t just advertise, leverage your channels to create value.

1:49 — 4) One screen world. The only screen that matters to me is the screen that is front of me.

1:51 — Mitch: Devices have validated this. Technology has finally removed technology from technology. They’re easy to use. No instruction manual. We are living in a post-PC world. PCs sales are plummeting and device sales are sky-rocketing.

1:53 — Putting Global Mobile in Context: The percentage of the world with mobile subscriptions is greater than those with electricity, safe drinking water, and bank accounts.

1:55 — Last night at Downtown Disney I saw two girls walking and the realization hit me: “Those aren’t two girls. Those are 3,000 girls.” It’s two girls, each connected digitally at the moment to 1,500 to whom they are tweeting, chatting, Instagramming, etc.

1:58 – The web is not longer a wall — it is porous. Driving people to a property that is yours alone, such as a website, is a dying thing. You can’t own the space any longer.

1:59 — The opportunity has never been better! You are on the forefront! It is an amazing time to be a professional marketer.

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