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Moen social media case study — Live from the Brands-Only Summit

Coverage of this session by Don Vanderslice of Connect with him by following him on Twitter.

4:30 —’s Kurt Vanderah introduces Moen’s Director of Online and Direct Marketing, Ginny Persons.

4:31 — Ginny share their phased approach to social media: Our approach started in 2009 when I suggested we put up a Facebook page — executives were not super-excited about the idea.

But it led to three main phases for us:

  1. Pilot and learn
  2. Expand reach
  3. Drive engagement

4:32 — Ginny: We began by social monitoring. We realized that people weren’t talking about our brand (or any competitor brand) — instead, they were talking about projects they were working on.

4:34 — Ginny: As we listened it helped our executive team slowly understand why it’s important for us to be in the social space.

4:35 — Social Learning Loops (by the way, it’s okay to fail and to learn from it):

  • Launch need-based initiatives as stand-alone test “campaigns”
  • Learn before committing resources
  • Define timeframe/success criteria for campaigns, then determine longer-term strategy

4:36 — Ginny: We learned that people were looking for good video content — not on our platforms, but on shareable platforms

4:37 — Ginny says their Consumer Services team was quickly brought into the conversation so they could engage in the conversations that were taking place. It is still a pillar of what they do in the social space today.

And with some initial success, the executive team began to buy-in a little.

4.38 – Ginny explains their blogger outreach: First, we had to identify the 10 big influential bloggers in the remodeling space. We developed relationships, tracked those relationships, and hosted bloggers at a Moen event.

4:39 — Ginny: We had to develop a consistent strategy with the PR team to effectively manage our blogging relationships.

4:41 — Emerging Social Platforms:

We had to teach executives and all employees how platforms are used by using the “Eating” example:

  • Tweet – I need to eat
  • Facebook – I ate
  • Foursquare – This is where I ate
  • Houzz – This is where I wish I ate
  • Pinterest- Look at what I ate
  • YouTube – See how I ate
  • Google + – Let’s all eat together
  • LinkedIn – I’m good at eating

4:42 — Ginny: Expanding social marketing efforts drove a 186% increase in fans and followers.

4:43 — Ginny explains Social Media Advisory: a cross-functional panel of social media stakeholders within Moen and agency partners. This governance board brings together different departments within the brand, and each has different responsibilities.

4:45 — Content – Content in the social space is king, and this is the area that we’re growing the most. You can pull from existing sources and you can (and should) create your own.

We have a monthly theme we use within our social platforms that helps us organize.

4:46 — Ginny: We didn’t receive much social traction with infographics or Google+ conversations.

4:47 — Our experience is that we receive high engagement when we ask questions.

4:49 – What’s next? Thus far, our approach has been about marketing, but we’re looking to become more social on an enterprise level.

Q & A:

Q: How much do you spend in paid social? What’s the mix?

A: Ginny: It’s been a big part of the mix, though Twitter hasn’t been that effective.

Q: How did you engage in early conversations that we’re focused on projects?

A: Ginny: We’d usually respond with answers to questions regarding installation or style, something applicable and relevant.

Q: What have you found effective with B2B?

A: Ginny: We have a blog for professional plumbers. We’re also testing participation in LinkedIn groups.

Q: How did you narrow down from 3.5 million renovation bloggers to 10 that you were going to invest in?

A: Ginny: We used Radian6 to help identify them.

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