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Social data intelligence — Live from the Measurement Pre-Conference

Coverage of this session by Kristen Platt of Connect with her by following her on Twitter.

11:15 —’s Megan Uithoven introduces Altimeter Group’s Industry Analyst, Susan Etlinger.

11:16 — Susan shares the state of social analytics: Social data is not an island. Everyone who has a Social Strategist title was once part of a different department in the organization.

11:17 — Susan: Social data is used across the organization. At least 13 departments are actively engaged in social media within an organization (HR, customer service, product development, R&D, marketing, IT, legal, etc.).

11:18 – Susan: Organizations want context. Is social just another silo? Organizations are beginning to integrate social and enterprise data.

11:20 — Social media has a large and diffuse ecosystem: Publishers (networks, communities, enterprise collaboration) > Social media middleware (where are you getting your data from?) > Social and enterprise applications.

11:22 — Susan shares a case study where social data turned up the heat for Manny’s Steakhouse, prompting action. The sudden drop in social sentiment led to an opportunity for them to discover the source of the problem and act on it.

11:23 — Social data intelligence is insight derived from social data that organizations can use confidently, at scale, to further their social engagement strategy.

11:25 — Susan shares the challenges of integrating social data:

  • Multiple internal interests
  • Big data requires new analytical approaches
  • Social data lack enterprise credibility (and as a result so do social analysts)

11:27 — Susan shares social data characteristics to consider: content type, social action type, content life span, platform demographic, type of user relationship, data types, and location awareness.

11:28 — Susan says to identify your business goals. Susan shares her social media measurement compass that shows the many different values of social media business goals (innovation, brand health, customer experience, operational efficiency, marketing opportunities, revenue generation).

11:29 – Susan: Then, define core social media metrics in relations to your business goals.

11:30 — Susan: Next, prioritize your metrics.

11:31 – Symantec has operationalized their social data. Process: case, query, rant, rave, lead, RFE (request to enhance a product with a new feature), and fraud.

11:33 — Susan says to aspire to a (more) holistic strategy. Goal is to reach a social data maturity.

11:35 — Susan ends with a talk about Caesars. They are aggregating all of their social data online and offline to understand how they vary across segments.

11:35 — Ending points:

  • Flip your POV.
  • Big data is here.
  • Mind the HiPPO (highest paid person’s opinion)
  • Faster, faster (it’s all happening faster — real-time enterprise)

Q & A:

Q: Are organizations changing the way they do social due to cultural changes?

A: Yes, it’s constantly evolving. The companies who I think are most advanced are the ones with the most customer-centric philosophies.

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