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Social media job openings and new hires at PepsiCo, Staples, Johnson Controls, and more

As a preview for this week’s issue of’s Big List, check out some of our favorite career opportunities and new hires we’ll be featuring:

Careers: Job Openings

  • PepsiCo is hiring a Social Media Manager who will lead the development and execution of Gatorade’s social media strategy. >> PepsiCo
  • Staples is hiring a Senior Manger of Social Media to oversee the brand’s social media strategy and a team of five marketing managers. >> LinkedIn
  • AIG is looking for a Social Media Analyst who can govern social media use throughout the organization and monitor their official social accounts. >> AIG Jobs
  • Johnson Controls needs a Social Media Specialist who will create and execute a social media communications strategy. >> Johnson Controls Jobs
  • Whirlpool is hiring a Marketing Senior Manager of Digital Strategy and Social Media who can be their go-to person for social media strategy and analysis. >> Whirlpool Careers
  • UBS needs a Manager of Advisory Social Media who will develop and implement a financial advisor social media strategy within their Wealth Management Marketing and Communications division. >> UBS Careers

Careers: New Hires

  • Melissa Jones has joined Dow Chemical as their new Social Media Manager. >> LinkedIn
  • Nikki Harmon has been hired as Mattel’s new Manager of Social Media. >> LinkedIn
  • Mattel has also welcomed Lauren Hilger as the new Manager of Social Media for their Barbie & Girls brand. >> LinkedIn
  • Kristen Reese has been promoted to Manager of Digital Communications for Technology and Communications Strategy at Dominion Resources. >> LinkedIn
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