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TD Ameritrade social media case study — Live from the Brands-Only Summit

Coverage of this session by Travis Kenney of Connect with him by following him on Twitter.

4:30 —’s Erin McDaniel introduces TD Ameritrade’s Director of Social Media & Online Communities, Sunayna Tuteja.

4:31 — Sunayna: Raise your hand if someone at your office has said, “We have a Facebook page, we’re social right?” or “I have a great idea for a video that will go viral”?

4:33 – Sunayna: What do we want to be when we grow up? Where are we going? Why are we doing social? If we want to move forward, what are we moving toward?

4:34 — Sunayna shares their approach: The golden circle: Why (motivation)?, How (process)?, What (product)?

4:37 — The purpose: Social can level the playing field for investors.

4:39 — Sunayna: Social is the most democratized form of communication today.

4:41 — Sunayna shares their Game Plan: business goals + client needs + social capabilities

4:43 — A social business is everyone’s business: adoption –> enablement –> measurement –> innovation –> adoption

4:45 — Sunayna: We invested a lot in education and empowered subject matter experts.

4:47 — Sunayna: Social customer service is the new 800 number.

4:49 —  Sunayna: #itaddsup, likefolio

4:51 — Sunayna says the journey continues: Purpose is the new black, think big, start small, and scale fast, embrace perpetual beta, educate, inspire, execute — and repeat. Be happy — but never satisfied!

Q & A:

Q: How do you get the senior leaders to see the value in social?

A: Sunayna You start with the people that are more open to social, we have an open CEO, and learn which execs own certain business objectives.  So what, now what?  You have to get stuff done.  Focus on putting singles on the board (quick wins).

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