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Walgreens social media case study — Live from the Brands-Only Summit

Coverage of this session by Travis Kenney of Connect with him by following him on Twitter.

3:50 —’s Erin McDaniel introduces Walgreens’ Online Community Manager, Chris Catania.

3:51 — Chris shares: How we got started, what we’ve learned and how we’re evolving through strategic community management.

3:52 — Chris: Our challenge: To analyze, understand, and organize the internal social eco-system, preparing for a social intranet rollout, the business value of employee communities, and to “connect people to the business and each other.”

3:53 — Chris explains their big goals: Measuring with data and getting smarter with strategy. He shares a good book for community managers: Rich Millington’s Buzzing Communities.

3:54 — Chris: We wanted to do three things: 

1. build a business case
2. develop/test/evolve
3. continually demonstrate how our social playbook and community management supports the Walgreens growth objectives

3:55 — Chris: How we got started: We started small with 1-9-90 pilot (1% influencers, 9% contributors, 90% spectators), listened, and then engaged with the 1-9-90.

We asked for three interests, hosted 1×1 meetings, connected members within the community during mini-meetups, and continued to refine our Social playbook. We created a community editorial content calendar, focused on champions, and built on wins.

We did regular reporting and meeting with executive sponsors, engaged business units, and created cross-functional teams. Then,j we began creating framework for our center of excellence and social media council.

4:03 — Chris: This year, we launched “The Wall: Our New Social Intranet” taking the red couch across the country to let employees know about The Wall.

4:05 — Chris shares this success story: Our communities are helping team members feel more connected to the company, helping them quickly find answers through their SME program.

4:06 — Chris share these results: We utilized pilots to test and refine, identified 50 specific use cases for social, and recently launched to corporate audience and field leadership. He says over 50% of the community has joined and created a profile

4:07 — Chris says they’ve also created a Walgreens news center.

4:08 — What’s next: Chris says they will continue rollout and train executive and stakeholder education, refine their strategy, continue regular reporting, and aligning their goals.

Q & A:

Q: What are your plans to roll out into the stores?

A: Chris: We’re fine tuning for now with the goal of rolling out to stores.

Q: How can you encourage employee interaction?

A: Chris: What do they to establish a connection of how it could help? We find other team members who have had positive experiences and focus on the people who want to use it so that others will follow.

Q: Did you have Yammer or Sharepoint first? Any integration issues?

A: Chris: We use Microsoft and the acquisition by Microsoft helped us to choose Yammer.

Q: Are you using any incentives for engagement?

A: Chris: Not right now. But there’s value in it, and it’s on the timeline.

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