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Whole Foods Market social media case study — Live from the Brands-Only Summit

Coverage of this session by Travis Kenney of Connect with him by following him on Twitter.

2:50 —’s Erin McDaniel introduces Whole Foods Market’s Director of Social Media and Digital Marketing, Natanya Anderson.

2:51 — Natanya: We use Pinterest for lifestyle and brand promotion. We don’t have an eCommerce presence. We have a brand social presence focused on lifestyle.

2:52 — Natanya: Our Pinterest Parthenon: We start with a philosophy called “lifestyle-centric curation” (It’s not all about us). We bring the best ideas from all over the internet.

Our strategy:

  • Collaboration (inside and outside of the company),
  • sharable imagery (content designed to be shared with Pinterest in mind),
  • customer engagement,
  • marketing integrations,
  • and accountability (measure and optimize).

2:53 — Natanya share their lifestyle-centric curation strategy: We start with customer passions and needs, then brand core values. The goal is collectible inspiration.

2:55 — Natanya: Our boards: Who wants dinner, How Does Your Garden Grow, Super HOT Kitchens, We’re Used to Reusing!, Go Go Gadgets! — We think in broad strokes

2:57 — Natanya: Collaboration: Who (internal partners, influencers, and third-party partners) and why (share the load, tapestry of passions, larger reach, and a richer overall experience)

2:58 — Natanya says they get more traffic through Pinterest than Twitter.

2:59 — Natanya: Sharable imagery: How do we tell stories for each channel?  We’ve had some fits and starts.  Honey bees, how to make roasted sweet potato salad, this spring – fail – spring etiquette cards – lesson learned:  we need photos.

3:00 — Natanya: Cafe Ubuntu: We tried to tell the story in infographic style. But here’s the takeaway: It’s hard to get people to pay attention when you’re telling a complicated story.

3:04 — Natanya says that in the future they look forward to in-store integration and deeper web integration.

3:05 — Natanya: Measuring success: Our 2014 priority is optimizing Pinterest efforts and learning how they inform other areas of interest.

3:07 — Natanya: What’s next?  We’re looking into location-based pins. Pinterest is key for our business.

Q & A:

Q: What are your business objectives for Pinterest?

A: Natanya: Awareness and being a massive website driver (Pinterest is a way to peak interest).

Q: Has this changed your approach to other channels?

A: Natanya: For now, no big changes, but the visual aspects of Pinterest are making us think about increasing visuals on Facebook.

Q: What does success look like for you?

A: Natanya: I’m not too concerned about numbers. Pinterest followers are more engaged and create more opportunity. Right now, Pinterest is driving more traffic than Twitter.

Q: How do you balance brand and local strategies?

A: Natanya: Brand and local work differently. At a brand level, we focus on lifestyle, such as GMOs, and at a local level, local products, sales, and team members.

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