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Case Studies

  • SAP
    Brian Ellefritz, Sr. Director, Social Media Marketing
    Learn how SAP is using social media “reporters” to energize a corporate event.
  • Johnson & Johnson
    Marc Monseau, Director of Corporate Communications
    Learn how Johnson & Johnson finds ways to interact with people about health issues while still paying attention to the important rules in this regulated field.
  • SunGard
    Leah Patterson, Web Marketing Manager
    Learn how SunGard is building community in a BtoB environment.
  • Pfizer
    Kate Bird, Director, Digital Communications Strategy
    Learn how Pfizer is communicating via social media with a well-developed and implemented social media policy.
  • Hershey Company
    Anna Lingeris, Public Relations Manager
    Learn how Hershey’s engaged bloggers in the S’mores experience through conference sponsorship and seasonal outreach.
  • Scholastic
    Ivy Li, Digital Publicist & Morgan Baden, Senior Manager of Internal Communications & Social Media
    Learn how Scholastic used social media to transform Clubs customers into brand ambassadors.
  • BlackRock
    Jonathan Haley, Director, eBusiness
    Learn how BlackRock is using the power of social media for internal collaboration — and paving the path for an external strategy.
  • Discovery Communications
    Amber Harris, Manager, Digital Communications & Gayle Weiswasser, VP, Social Media Communications
    Learn how Discovery Channel used social media to turn up the volume and engagement for its intense fans during its annual Shark Week event.

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Past Attendees

3M • Adobe • Aflac • Alberto Culver • Allstate • American Express • American Family Insurance • Ariba • AT&T • Audi • Barnes & Noble • Best Buy • Boeing • Campbell Soup • Capital One • Charles Schwab • Chevron • Chick-fil-A • Cisco • Clorox • Coach • Coca-Cola • Coinstar • Coldwell Banker • Community Medical Centers • ConAgra Foods • Costco • Crate & Barrel • Dell • DeVry University • Discover • Dole • Domino’s • DuPont • eBay • Expedia • FedEx • Fifth Third Bank • Ford • Gannett • Gap • GE • General Mills • General Motors • Google • Graco • The Hershey Company • Hertz • Hilton Worldwide • The Home Depot • HP • H&R Block • HSBC • Humana • IBM • IKEA • Intel • Intuit • Johnson & Johnson • Kaiser Permanente • Kraft Foods • Levi Strauss • LexisNexis • Marathon Oil • Mattel • Mayo Clinic • McDonald’s • MetLife • Michelin • Microsoft • Molson • NHL • NBC Universal • Nestle Purina • Newell Rubbermaid • Nike • Nokia • Nordstrom • Northwestern Mutual • Novartis • OfficeMax • Oracle • Orbitz • PayPal • PEMCO • PepsiCo • Perdue Farms • Petro-Canada • Pfizer • Premier Farnell • Procter & Gamble • Progressive Insurance • REI • SAP • Scholastic • Sears • Serta • Sharpie • Shell Oil • Solo Cup • Sony • Sprint • Starbucks • State Farm • Sun Microsystems • SunGard • Symantec • Target • The North Face • Ticketmaster • TiVo • T-Moblie • Toyota • Tribune Company • Turner Broadcasting System • Tyson Foods • United Airlines • UnitedHealth Group • UPS • USAA • U.S. Coast Guard • U.S. Marine Corps • U.S. Navy • Verizon • VIZIO • Walmart • Wells Fargo • Westinghouse Electric Company • Whirlpool • Xerox • Zions Bank

What They Had to Say

  • “The discussions were thought-provoking and inspirational.”
    Jim Lein, Oracle
  • “I came away inspired, energized, and with a nice bundle of new best practices to apply.”
    Ed Nicholson, Tyson Foods
  • “An amazing amount of useful material was presented in a timely, efficient way.”
    Donna Speigel, Crate and Barrel
  • “A well organized and well executed conference. Great job!”
    Todd Blecher, Boeing
  • “One of the best seminars of this type that I’ve seen in a long time.”
    Sandra Buettner, Johnson Controls
  • “A great forum for social media professionals to collaborate and learn from each other’s lessons and successes.”
    Jennie Ecclestone, General Motors
  • “The most valuable source for staying current on B2C and B2B social marketing techniques in Fortune 500 companies.”
    Paul Dunay, Avaya
  • “One of the most organized and informative events all year.”
    Jackie Bona, Google

Past Blogwells

BlogWell New York 4/2/14 BlogWell New York 4/2/14 Johnson & Johnson ∙ General Electric ∙ TD Ameritrade ∙ Paychex ∙ Novartis ∙ Life Time Fitness ∙ Thomson Reuters ∙ Michelin BlogWell New York featured social media case studies from fellow member companies, including Johnson & Johnson, General Electric, TD Ameritrade, Paychex, Novartis, Life Time Fitness, Thomson Reuters, and Michelin. Themes from the day included building an insights-driven social strategy, participating in social as a highly regulated company, creating a new level of brand ambassadors from existing fans, leveraging internal thought leaders, and more.

BlogWell Dallas 2/19/14 BlogWell Dallas 2/19/14 Southwest Airlines ∙ AT&T ∙ BMW ∙ RadioShack ∙ USAA ∙ UnitedHealth Group ∙ BMC Software ∙ ConocoPhillips BlogWell Dallas featured social media case studies from fellow member companies, including Southwest Airlines, AT&T, RadioShack, BMW, UnitedHealth Group, BMC Software, USAA, and ConocoPhillips. Themes from the day included engaging fans with surprise and delight tactics, cultivating influencer communities, activating employees as advocates, launching a social command center, and more.

BlogWell Boston 10/22/13 BlogWell Boston 10/22/13 Fidelity Investments ∙ Reebok ∙ Sanofi US ∙ Hilton Worldwide ∙ EMC Corporation ∙ Dassault Systemes ∙ Dunkin’ Donuts ∙ Green Mountain Coffee Roasters BlogWell Boston at Fidelity featured social media case studies from fellow member companies, including Fidelity Investments, Hilton Worldwide, Dunkin’ Donuts, Reebok, EMC Corporation, Sanofi US, Dassault Systèmes, and Green Mountain Coffee Roasters. Themes from the day included using social customer service to foster brand loyalty and engagement, developing a modern digital content strategy, working with influencers, ambassadors, and brand partners to increase social buzz, and more.

BlogWell Bay Area 8/6/13 BlogWell Bay Area 8/6/13 The Coca-Cola Company ∙ Intel ∙ Whole Foods Market ∙ Citrix ∙ UCB Pharma ∙ Xerox ∙ Thrivent Financial ∙ HSN BlogWell Bay Area featured social media case studies from fellow member companies, including The Coca-Cola Company, Intel, Whole Foods Market, Citrix, UCB Pharma, Xerox, Thrivent Financial, and HSN. Themes from the day included developing a social marketing plan that drives thought leadership, evolving into a social business, using data and content to break through the noise, creating a balanced corporate and local social media strategy, and more.

BlogWell Chicago 6/19/13 BlogWell Chicago 6/19/13 Moen ∙ Grainger ∙ Humana ∙ Honda ∙ U.S. Bank ∙ American Eagle Outfitters ∙ McCormick ∙ Sonic Drive-In BlogWell Chicago featured social media case studies from fellow member companies, including U.S. Bank, Honda, Sonic Drive-In, McCormick, Humana, American Eagle Outfitters, Grainger, and Moen. Themes from the day included managing multiple social media agencies, developing playbooks to carry out social media strategies, creating brand awareness in the social space, using social media to launch new products, and more.

BlogWell New York 4/18/13 BlogWell New York 4/18/13 Walgreens ∙ TD Bank Group ∙ ComEd ∙ Monster ∙ Wendy’s ∙ Walmart ∙ Verizon ∙ Corning BlogWell New York featured social media case studies from fellow member companies, including Walgreens, TD Bank Group, ComEd, Monster, Wendy’s, Walmart, Verizon, and Corning. Themes from the day included becoming a social business, implementing an internal social media platform, using data to build better social media strategies, monitoring social media to make business decisions, and more.

BlogWell Los Angeles 12/5/12 BlogWell Los Angeles 12/5/12 McDonald’s ∙ General Mills ∙ Raytheon ∙ Kaiser Permanente ∙ MGM Resorts ∙ Mattel ∙ Life Technologies ∙ Microsoft BlogWell Los Angeles featured social media case studies from fellow member companies, including McDonald’s, General Mills, Raytheon, Kaiser Permanente, MGM Resorts, Mattel, Life Technologies, and Microsoft. Themes from the day included launching corporate video blogs, using social media for lead generation, building a team of connected community managers, integrating social media into traditional branding campaigns, and more.

BlogWell New York 9/12/12 BlogWell New York 9/12/12 Visa ∙ GE ∙ Best Buy ∙ Avon ∙ Dow Chemical ∙ Food Network ∙ McGraw-Hill ∙ Outback Steakhouse BlogWell New York featured social media case studies from fellow member companies, including Visa, GE, Best Buy, Avon, Dow Chemical, Food Network, McGraw-Hill, and Outback Steakhouse. Themes from the day included training and empowering employees to use social media, socializing your customer loyalty program, building brand advocacy through shared social media applications, developing a company-wide internal social media network, and more.

BlogWell Chicago 7/18/12 BlogWell Chicago 7/18/12 American Family Insurance ∙ MillerCoors ∙ FedEx ∙ Kraft Foods ∙ Reebok ∙ U.S. Cellular ∙ 3M ∙ Aetna BlogWell Chicago featured social media case studies from American Family Insurance, MillerCoors, Kraft Foods, Reebok, FedEx, Aetna, 3M, and U.S. Cellular. Some topics from the day included how to make social media work for your culture and reputation, developing and maintaining a Pinterest strategy, empowering your store associates on a local level, using community to succeed in a heavily-regulated industry, and more.

BlogWell San Francisco 3/27/12 BlogWell San Francisco 3/27/12 Farmers Insurance ∙ Rogers Communications ∙ Target ∙ Yahoo! ∙ NVIDIA ∙ Verizon ∙ Hatachi Data Systems ∙ Autodesk BlogWell San Francisco featured social media case studies from Farmers Insurance, Rogers Communications, Target, Yahoo!, NVIDIA, Verizon, Hatachi Data Systems, and Autodesk. Themes included how to measure social media ROI, how to generate new product ideas from fans, how to turn critics into brand ambassadors, and more.

BlogWell Dallas 1/24/12 BlogWell Dallas 1/24/12 AMD ∙ Coldwell Banker Real Estate ∙ AT&T ∙ Level 3 ∙ United Airlines ∙ Texas Instruments ∙ Northwestern Mutual ∙ Shell BlogWell Dallas featured social media case studies from Shell, Coldwell Banker Real Estate, Level 3, United Airlines, AMD, Texas Instruments, Northwestern Mutual, and AT&T. Themes included how to connect with followers using Tweetchats, creating engaging video content, using community as an integrated part of sales strategy, corporate blogging, and more.

BlogWell Atlanta 11/8/2011 BlogWell Atlanta 11/8/2011 Newell Rubbermaid ∙ UPS ∙ The Home Depot ∙ NCR Corporation ∙ Georgia-Pacific ∙ DeVry University ∙ Coca-Cola ∙ Solo Cup BlogWell Atlanta featured social media case studies from Newell Rubbermaid, UPS, The Home Depot, NCR Corporation, Georgia-Pacific, DeVry University, Coca-Cola, and Solo Cup Company. Themes included how to grow privately-branded communities, launching social efforts for BtoB financial services, using social media for excellent customer service, and more.

BlogWell Seattle 8/9/2011 BlogWell Seattle 8/9/2011 REI ∙ The Clorox Company ∙ Microsoft ∙ Deluxe Corporation ∙ Itron ∙ Quaker Oats ∙ Cargill ∙ Boeing BlogWell Seattle featured social media case studies from REI, The Clorox Company, Microsoft, Deluxe Corporation, Itron, Quaker Oats, Cargill, and Boeing. Themes included how to empower fans to develop ideas and create buzz during public launches, developing a company-wide listening strategy, the benefits and challenges of distributing social media throughout the organization, and more.

BlogWell San Francisco 6/20/2011 BlogWell San Francisco 6/20/2011 Adobe ∙ InterContinental Hotels Group ∙ SAP ∙ Mattel ∙ Kaiser Permanente ∙ Intel ∙ Sears Holdings Corporation ∙ Chevron BlogWell San Francisco featured social media case studies from Adobe, InterContinental Hotels Group, SAP, Mattel, Kaiser Permanente, Intel, Sears Holdings Corporation, and Chevron. Themes included how to use LinkedIn to target decision makers, how to create excellent customer service using social media tools, how to change engagement strategies to better connect with fans, and more.

BlogWell DC 5/4/2011 BlogWell DC 5/4/2011 USA TODAY ∙ U.S. Navy ∙ Internal Revenue Service ∙ ConAgra Foods ∙ Discovery Communications ∙ UnitedHealth Group ∙ Delta Air Lines ∙ National Association of REALTORS BlogWell DC featured social media case studies from USA TODAY, U.S. Navy, Internal Revenue Service, ConAgra Foods, Discovery Communications, UnitedHealth Group, Delta Air Lines, and the National Association of REALTORS. Themes included how to use Twitter to drive web traffic and engagement for events, how to move social media forward in a sensitive environment, the social media recruiting process, and more.

BlogWell New York 3/29/2011 BlogWell New York 3/29/2011 Scholastic ∙ Sabre Holdings ∙ H&R Block ∙ Walmart ∙ Hewlett-Packard ∙ American Express ∙ Scripps Networks ∙ Cisco Systems BlogWell New York featured social media case studies from Scholastic, Sabre Holdings, H&R Block, Walmart, Hewlett-Packard, American Express, Scripps Networks, and Cisco Systems. Themes included how to use Facebook to launch a new product, how to focus your social site efforts on customer experience, how to engage with massive audiences internally via social media, and more.

BlogWell Austin 2/2/2011 BlogWell Austin 2/2/2011 REI ∙ Research In Motion ∙ Dell ∙ Texas Instruments ∙ Kellogg Company ∙ Toyota ∙ UPS ∙ InterContinental Hotels Group BlogWell Austin featured social media case studies from REI, Dell, Texas Instruments, Kellogg Company, Toyota, InterContinental Hotels Group, UPS, and Research In Motion. Themes included how to leverage social media to build brand advocacy, how to lock down a global social listening strategy, how to use location-based check-ins to build relationships and drive sales, and more.

Blogwell Philadelphia 11/9/2010 Blogwell Philadelphia 11/9/2010 SAP ∙ SunGard ∙ Scholastic ∙ Pfizer ∙ BlackRock ∙ Johnson and Johnson ∙ Hershey’s ∙ Discovery Communications BlogWell Philadelphia featured social media case studies from SAP, Johnson & Johnson, SunGard, Scholastic, Discovery Communications, Pfizer, Hershey, and BlackRock. Themes included how to build communities both online and offline, how to engage your customers through social media, how to monitor your progress, and more.

BlogWell Chicago 8/11/2010 BlogWell Chicago 8/11/2010 McDonald’s ∙ Whirlpool ∙ General Motors ∙ CME Group ∙ Chevron ∙ Alberto Culver ∙ Verizon ∙ Kraft Foods BlogWell Chicago featured social media case studies from McDonald’s, General Motors, Whirlpool, CME Group, Chevron, Alberto Culver, Kraft Foods, and Verizon. Themes included how to build communities both online and offline, how to engage your customers through social media, how to monitor your progress, and more.

BlogWell Seattle 5/5/2010 BlogWell Seattle 5/5/2010 Microsoft ∙ Xerox ∙ Boeing ∙ Nokia ∙ PEMCO Insurance ∙ Starbucks ∙ ExOfficio ∙ Intel BlogWell Seattle featured social media case studies from Microsoft, Xerox, Boeing, Nokia, PEMCO, Starbucks, ExOfficio, and Intel. Themes included how to use fan feedback, how to use social media to build brand loyalty, and how to break down internal social media silos.

BlogWell Cincinnati 4/7/2010 BlogWell Cincinnati 4/7/2010 Duke Energy ∙ Hilton Worldwide ∙ AT&T ∙ Dell ∙ P&G ∙ Tyson Foods ∙ General Mills ∙ Graco BlogWell Cincinnati featured social media case studies from Graco, General Mills, Tyson Foods, Procter & Gamble, Dell, AT&T, Hilton Worldwide, and Duke Energy. Themes included how to implement a global strategy, how to use social media during product recalls, how to engage influencers, and how to create a social media policy.

BlogWell San Diego 2/16/2010 BlogWell San Diego 2/16/2010 US Navy ∙ Starbucks ∙ USAA ∙ Clorox ∙ TurboTax ∙ Avery Dennison ∙ Community Medical Centers ∙ State Farm Insurance BlogWell San Diego featured social media case studies from the U.S. Navy, Starbucks, Clorox, USAA, TurboTax, Avery Dennison, Community Medical Centers, and State Farm Insurance. Themes included how gaming mechanics apply to social media, how to manage social media in a decentralized organization, and how to engage millions of fans through Facebook.

BlogWell Atlanta 11/20/2009 BlogWell Atlanta 11/20/2009 Newell Rubbermaid ∙ Coca-Cola ∙ UPS ∙ Orange Business Services ∙ The Home Depot ∙ ConAgra Foods∙ Turner Broadcasting System ∙ SunGard BlogWell Atlanta featured speakers from Newell-Rubbermaid, The Home Depot, UPS, Coca-Cola, Orange Business Services, SunGard, Turner Broadcasting System, and ConAgra Foods. Themes included how to manage social media from a multi-brand perspective, how to embrace social media culture, how to defend your brand through social media, and how traditional media and social media can work together.

BlogWell Minneapolis 8/13/2009 BlogWell Minneapolis 8/13/2009 General Mills ∙ CME Group ∙ Mayo Clinic ∙ Walmart ∙ AccuQuote ∙ Ford ∙ McDonald’s ∙ Progressive BlogWell Minneapolis, hosted by General Mills, featured speakers from McDonald’s, Mayo Clinic, CME Group, General Mills, AccuQuote, Ford, Progressive, and Walmart. Themes included how to support online word of mouth, using social media at all levels of a corporation, social media for the analytic marketer, engaging in social media in “unsocial” industries, engaging with massive audiences, and using social media to reach online influencers.

BlogWell San Francisco 6/23/2009 BlogWell San Francisco 6/23/2009 SAP ∙ PepsiCo ∙ Wells Fargo ∙ Cisco ∙ Dell ∙ Intuit ∙ Kaiser Permanente ∙ General Mills BlogWell San Francisco featured speakers from Dell, Kaiser Permanente, SAP, Cisco, Intuit, PepsiCo, Wells Fargo, and General Mills. Topics included how to use social media to engage on a daily basis, how to connect with influential talkers online, using communities to deliver extraordinary customer experiences, launching an engagement program amidst a crisis, using social media internally, using social media to collaborate with customers, driving traffic to blogs and communities away from corporate sites, and integrating new media such as FriendFeed and Twitter into campaigns.

BlogWell New York 4/29/2009 BlogWell New York 4/29/2009 Coca-Cola ∙ Turner Broadcasting System ∙ Tyson Foods ∙ Robert Wood Johnson Foundation ∙ Nokia ∙ Microsoft ∙ Johnson & Johnson ∙ GE BlogWell New York featured speakers from Microsoft, General Electric, Nokia, Turner Broadcasting System, Tyson Foods, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, Coca-Cola, and Johnson & Johnson. Themes included how to engage influencers, taking your story straight to the people who care, using social media tools and trends to change how we work, delivering better experiences for audiences, and how together, we all tell better stories.

BlogWell Chicago 1/22/2009 The Home Depot ∙ Mayo Clinic ∙ H&R Block ∙ Allstate ∙ Molson Coors ∙ US Coast Guard ∙ Sharpie ∙ P&G BlogWell Chicago featured speakers from The Home Depot, Mayo Clinic, Procter & Gamble, US Coast Guard, Sharpie, Allstate, Molson, and H&R Block. Themes included how to engage in social media without freaking out the legal department, growing online communities, government use of social media, and how to promote word of mouth online.

BlogWell BlogWell San Jose 10/28/2008 Walmart ∙ UPS ∙ Cisco ∙ Intel ∙ Wells Fargo ∙ Kaiser Permanente ∙ Graco ∙ The Home Depot BlogWell San Jose featured case study presentations from Cisco, Graco, Intel, The Home Depot, UPS, Wells Fargo, Kaiser Permanente, and Walmart. Themes included using video blogging (vlogging), empowering employees to use social media, social media monitoring, and managing large communities.